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LV EPONA LEGEND  is a FIFE registered Maine Coon Cattery. We are small, family-based cattery, entirely operated within our home near Riga.  Our goal is producing healthy, friendly, family-oriented companions with the classic gentle giant look and size.Having so many requests from so many great people, is a humbling thing; we are grateful to all those who wait so long or come from so far away, just for one of our kittens and that's a great feeling.

If you are here it means that maybe you consider to adopt one of our sweet kittens. We welcome this very much, but before you contact to us you should know that cats are our passion and we treat them as family members. We witness all births in our house, and from the first moments the kittens are part of our family and everyday life. After a few months spent with the kittens it’s very difficult for us to give in someone else's hands.Therefore, we ask for a short introduction of yourself. We will be happy if you what your experience with cats is, where you live and what you do on a daily life, tell us something about your family members that live with you. Is there any special reason why you decided to have a Maine Coon cat right now? Do not worry if you don’t have experience with cats, tell us about this, we will help you with our experience and support. Please understand that it is very difficult for us to respond on your message which contains only one question - "how much for a kitten ?”.